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New NxWerks Infinyx Bullpup PCP Air Rifle Announced

HAM Infinyx 2 QZ3usg

The new NxWerks Infinyx Bullpup PCP air rifle has just been announced by the Scandinavian-based multi-national company. NxWerks already produces a range of innovative CO2-powered pistols. Now they’ve delivered on their long-time intention of producing a PCP air rifle platform. The NxWerks…

Pellet Pistol Anyone? Beuller?

Pellet Pistol Anyone 1 HL2Oz9

Round BBs are the dominant ammo format for air-powered pistols. While BB pistols, especially licensed replica designs are seemingly sucking up all the air in the room, pellet pistols have always been a popular choice for shooters looking to take…

Benjamin Armada Semi-Auto PCP Air Rifle

air rifle

JUNE 7, 2022, BLOOMFIELD, NEW YORK— The Armada™ Semi Auto—the latest semi-automatic, premium pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle from Benjamin®—combines the airgun industry’s most highly desirable features and technologies in an air rifle ideal for all-day expeditions. The Armada Semi…

Norma Pellet Offers From Airguns of Arizona

HAM 5 2 Q4gplE

If you’re looking for pellets, Airguns of Arizona has a range of Norma pellet offers. They’re in stock at offered at significant savings right now. For more details of Norma pellets, you can check-out this HAM story that covers the complete current…

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