Breaking Barrels – New Tactical Airguns

Breaking Barrels, New Tactical Airguns – with tactical guns now in high demand by airgun shooters, most manufacturers are now quickly developing tactical Airguns to satisfy this demand. Here we will look at just two of these new air rifles and explore why they are so popular. Most of these tactical guns are licenced under genuine tactical firearm brands. Although on this blog, we will only look at Break Barrel Tactical Rifles and not Co2 Powered Tactical Rifles, we can save that for a different blog.

So let’s take a look at the two latest break barrel tactical airguns from Umarex…


This IWI Mini UZI air rifle fires .177 (4.5) pellets and is the first choice of sport shooters who go for tactical action. The unmistakable design of this iconic machine pistol provides an outstanding platform for this compact, precision-made airgun. The mock suppressor makes it easier to break the barrel and cock the spring piston. The folding stock provides additional aiming assistance. The rifled barrel, together with an optional optical system on the Picatinny rail, ensures top scores. An intuitive trigger safety prevents accidental firing. This outstanding tactical IWI UZI Mini for Umarex shoots .177 air pellets at a good 492 FPS. This rifle will not disappoint anyone looking at doing more tactical-style target shooting.

MINI UZI Air Rifle Break Barrel



This H&K MP7 is a break barrel airgun designed to look like an extremely familiar and famous submachine gun currently used by elite police and military units worldwide. It gives you great accuracy for a day full of fun backyard plinking and target shooting because it has speeds up to 490 fps. A feature that separates this gun from typical firearms reproductions is that it lets you shoot .177 cal pellets, compared to steel or airsoft BBs for most military lookalikes. That means you’ll get better than usual range and accuracy out of this air gun than BB models, plus better holes in paper and stronger hits on targets.

MINI UZI Air Rifle Break Barrel


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