New FX Dreamline Arrow Barrel Kit!

The Dreamline continues to show why it’s the most versatile airgun on the market. Not only is it a gun with multiple configurations and models you can convert to, but now you can convert any Dreamline into an arrow shooting rifle in just minutes!

The Dreamline Arrow Barrel is a free-floating barrel that allows the hollow carbon fiber arrows to slide over the barrel. The air propels the shaft from the front of the arrow when fired which allows unheard of accuracy at distances up to 70+ yards. With the FX Dreamline you can achieve velocities up to 270 FPS and 50 ft lbs of kinetic energy. This allows hunters to safely hunt up to deer sized game humanely. Though the FX arrows are accurate up to 70 yards, it is recommended to hunt at ranges up to 50 yards to ensure ethical hunting and retained kinetic energy.

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Shot count varies depending on the model of Dreamline, but closely follows the shot count obtained by the .30 caliber Dreamline. Due to the adjustable nature of all FX Dreamline rifles, the power can be lowered to cater to the specific hunting situation or for target practice. All without sacrificing any of the phenomenal accuracy you will achieve.

The FX Arrow Barrel Kit comes with four full length arrows. These arrows come with premium field tip points, but broadheads can be attached. Additional FX Arrows are sold separately. It should be noted that arrow barrel kits are also available for the FX Crown and are nearly identical (with the only difference being the firing probe for each rifle).

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With the FX Dreamline Arrow Barrel Kit, the FX Dreamline can become a multi-purpose rifle at a fraction of the cost of owning a dedicated arrow hunting PCP air rifle. The Dreamline Arrow Kit is available immediately for dealers to order from FX USA and retails for just $199.99. The versatility and functionality of the FX Dreamline continues to expand!

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