Glock 19

Glock 19

Glock 19 is manufactured in this unchanged form for a number of years and there is hardly anything to be improved at all. However, it would not be Glock if they did not manage to find at least a little room for a minor improvement. The innovated Glock 19 is fitted with a machined groove on the barrel at the top of the chamber.

At first glance, you will not even notice it. At second glance, you may see a change in the shape of the otherwise flat top of the slide, and from the design point of view, the change is for the better. It makes the pistol look more interesting and also by removing a little material the pistol lost about 1.5 grams in weight, which is of course meant as a joke.

The reason behind this design change was an occasional contact of the front portion of the barrel with the slide in the area between the gas vent holes. Nothing substantial, but why not improve something that we know may be better. This is exactly the attitude of Glock. Another person may just write it off, but not Glock. They realize very well that the proverbial butterfly effect can have real consequences…

The Perfect Airsoft Pistol for Training

Whether you are engaging on the airsoft field, training in your garage, or simply want a GLOCK as a part of your collection, the officially licensed GLOCK 19 Gen3 is a must have. This 6mm airsoft pistol holds 11 airsoft BBs in its drop free magazine and houses one 12 gram CO2 cartridge in its grip. The G19 Gen 3 also features a double action trigger and the familiar GLOCK style fixed sights. Officially licensed product of GLOCK.