Guide To JSB Airgun Pellet Names

Are you a little confused about the names on the JSB airgun pellet labels? As Diablo airgun pellets and JSB airgun pellets are growing in popularity at Just Air Guns, we thought we would do a short post about how these outstanding airgun pellets are labelled. JSB does have a system behind the words on all their airgun pellet labels, and it’s actually quite simple when you know! JSB pellets are outstanding and work with most airguns plus may outperform pellets of the same price with most air guns

So here is an easy-to-follow guide to understanding JSB pellet labels.

Please note, if the pellet pack has detailed information displayed, that will always override the following information!


Firstly, it’s important to know that some of the words on JSB pellet labels actually describe the calibre of the pellets. These words are used in many cases instead of the numeric calibre itself.

EXACT.177 Calibre if there is no other descriptive wording
JUMBO.22 Calibre
KING.25 Calibre (not on Just Air Guns)


Some of the words are used to describe the general weight of the pellet. The precise weight is also indicated on the label in grains and grams, of course. And note that there’s no name on JSB pellet labels for middle weight. So it’s a middle weight pellet if there is no other weight name on the label.

RSThe lightest lead pellets, abbreviation for Rapid Speed
EXPRESSLight, but heavier than RS
Medium weight pellets have no weight displayed
HEAVYAbove mid weight
MONSTERHeavier than Heavy pellets
BEASTThe heaviest weight pellets


Some of the words indicate the pellet type. These can cover the pellet shape or its intended use.

DIABOLOGeneric indicator of pellet shape
EXACTDomed when used with other descriptors
MATCHWadcutters for competitive target shooting
HADESHigh expansion hunting pellets
STRATONPointed pellets
ULTRA SHOCKHollow point, non diabolo-shaped pellets
SCHAKWadcutter training pellets
TARGET SPORTLow-priced wadcutters
POLYMAGPolymer-tipped, two-part pointed pellets
MEANINGMetal-tipped, two-part pointed pellets

Please note that EXACT is also used as an overall brand name on many JSB pellet labels.


There are also other descriptive words used for more pellet types.

PREMIUMIndividually selected by hand and also by weight
PBFREELead-free, tin pellets
GTOLead-free, tin pellets for US market
SNORTSReduced overall length
REDESIGNEDNew version of an existing pellet design
TESTPacks of multiple different pellet sizes and weights

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