How to Setup a Air Rifle Scope – The ultimate How-to Guide

One of the most common questions we get asked at Just Air Guns is how to correctly install and set up a rifle scope for air rifles. Most scopes and sights work in the same way but may or may not have all the functionality we have included in this article. There are many very good scope setup articles online for airguns but many of our customers find them confusing. So we hope this new ultimate how-to guide will help you set up your scopes correctly and give you many years of shooting fun.  

Learning the Parts of Your Scope and Rings

Learning the names of the parts of your scope will help you to understand this setup guide. 

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A. Ocular Lens
B. Focus Ring
C. Magnification Ring (on select models only)
D. Elevation (vertical) Adjustment
E. Windage (horizontal) Adjustment
F. Parallax Adjustment Ring (on select models only)
G. Objective Lens
H. Ring Top
I. Ring Base
J. Hex Wrench
K. Picatinny-style rail (not included with scope)
L. Dovetail-style rail (not included with scope)

Variable Power Adjustments (on select models only)

Note: Variable power is not available on all models. If your gun comes with a 4x32mm scope, this is a fixed power scope and you are not able to adjust the magnification. To change the magnification, simply rotate the magnification ring to align the desired magnification with the index dot.

Focus Adjustment

A. With the gun pointed in a SAFE DIRECTION, look through the scope with the eyepiece 3 inches away from your eye.
B. To sharpen the crosshair turn the focus ring clockwise and/or counter-clockwise until the view appears clear.

Adjusting Parallax (on select models only)

Note: Adjusting the parallax is only available on specific scope models. Rotate the parallax adjustment ring to the desired distance setting until the target is in the sharpest focus and the centre of the crosshair stays on the target while you examine the image by slightly moving your head.

Zeroing the Scope

The purpose of zeroing the scope is to ensure that the scope is aligned with the impact point from the rifle.

A. Place a target 15 yards away.
B. Ideally use a steadying device such as a bipod or shooting stand, aim at the centre of the target and fire three test shots, if safe to do so.

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