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How to Zero Your Hawke Scope

First and foremost, you must remember you are zeroing your scope for yourself, so being able to do this yourself is important. While getting someone to do it for you may work, you may find that said individual shoots at a different range, with different pellets and may focus the lens to suit themselves, not you. Secondly, it is important to zero your scope in windless conditions.


Before zeroing your scope, you’ll have to set some things up. First of all, place your target against a secure backstop. Make sure you have a steady and comfortable rest as well to eliminate as much human error as possible. When zeroing your scope, shoot three to five pellets, aiming for the centre of the target. This should establish a cluster pattern. If not, try again.


There are two adjustments to make: windage (left/right), controlled by the dial on top of the scope, and elevation (up/down), controlled by the dial on the right flank of the scope. Work on one at a time.

Printed on the dials will be instructions. There might be, for example, an arrow indicating clockwise, with the word ‘left’, or an arrow indicating counter-clockwise, with the word ‘up’. There will also be a guide to the increments of adjustment – for example, ‘1 click ¼” 100 yards’. This means that at a distance of 100 yards, each click in a counter-clockwise direction will adjust your sight ¼” upward … or that at 100 yards, each click in a counter-clockwise direction will adjust your sight ¼” to the right.


To best zero your scope, a real-world example is probably the best way we can demonstrate this. So, let’s say you’re shooting at 25 yards, and your pellets have landed approximately two inches below the centre of your target. If one click of the elevation dial in a counter-clockwise direction will adjust your sight ¼” upwards over a distance of 100 yards, then at 25 yards, one-click will make an adjustment of 1/16”. You’re two inches out, so you need to turn your dial 32 clicks in a counter-clockwise direction.

Once you’ve done this, take a few more shots. If your pellets are landing on a horizontal line with the target, you’re there on the elevation front. If you’re still shooting too low, or too high, repeat the process.

Now, imagine that your shots are landing about ½” to the right of the target. At 100 yards, one click of the windage dial in a clockwise direction will steer your aim ¼” to the left. At 25 yards, one-click will make an adjustment of 1/16”. You’re ½” to the right of the target, so you must turn your dial eight clicks clockwise.

Repeat this process until you are consistently hitting the target. Be sure to maintain consistent conditions when doing so, and do not introduce any new variables such as a different rifle rest or a different type/brand of pellets. And remember, always zero your scope by shooting groups of at least three pellets!


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