Let’s Look At The Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol

The Ruger Mark IV pellet pistol is a new introduction from Umarex. It’s an airgun version of the Ruger Mark IV rimfire pistol firearm.

In fact, the Mark IV pellet pistol uses a .177 caliber, single-shot, breakbarrel action. This is very unlike the magazine-fed semi-auto action of the .22 cal. rimfire.

It’s also not intended to be an exact replica of the rimfire original. However it does convey the overall looks and feel of the firearm original. Most people will immediately recognize the similarity.

When looking at this pellet pistol, it’s important to remember that it sells for a Street Price of just $49.95. For that money, this is a remarkably well-finished and workmanlike product.

This is clearly a plinker and short-range target pistol. With a claimed maximum Muzzle Velocity of just 320 FPS with 7 Grain pellets, it’s not intended to be a barn burner!

But that low power level has it’s own special benefits…

The low power makes it an ideal airgun for some indoor shooting during dark winter evenings! If you have a basement or garage range, this could well be just the job for a whole lot of harmless fun. It’s really quiet, too!

It could also be an ideal companion to an Air Venturi BadaBang Interactive Target Shooting System for your home range.

Furthermore, the low power, single shot design could also make it an ideal first training pistol for a young shooter – under adult supervision, of course.

The Ruger Mark IV pellet pistol has adjustable rear sights. The front post has a fiber optic insert. An automatic safety is the only other control on the gun – with the exception of the trigger.

As you would expect from an Umarex product, this is a genuine, licensed reproduction using the Ruger brand.

HAM specialist pistol tester Doug Wall plans to run the Ruger Mark IV pellet pistol through its paces soon. So keep checking for the forthcoming, comprehensive HAM review soon.

Ruger Mark IV Pellet Pistol 0.177

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