New FX Dreamline Power Plenum!

FX Airguns is pleased to introduce two very exciting items for the FX Dreamline series of air rifles:

The FX Dreamline is considered a breakthrough achievement from FX. Offering a high-performance air rifle at a fraction of the cost compared to other high-end air rifles (all using the championship winning FX Smooth Twist X barrel). FX now adds the Dreamline Power Plenum and has blown all expectations out of the water! The Dreamline Power Plenum adds the necessary speed and power to make the worlds most adaptable airgun, even more versatile.

The Dreamline Power Plenum adds 17cc of plenum space to the existing Dreamline plenum with outstanding results. Speed increases of up to 130 fps are now possible depending on the caliber and weight. For example a 500mm Dreamline in .22 caliber previously shot the 22 grain FX Hybrid Slugs at 780fps. With the Power Plenum installed the same Dreamline now achieves 910fps (and that’s before any porting or other power mods). A .30 caliber Dreamline with the Power Plenum installed now shoots the 44gr JSBs pellets up to 910fps (previously only reaching 830fps). This massive increase in power makes it possible for the Dreamline to move heavier projectiles at their optimal speed and achieve even better accuracy.

The Dreamline Power Plenum also reduces the amount of regulator pressure used to shoot standard pellets commonly used by airgunners. The lower regulator pressure allows for a more efficient rifle which increases the shot count of the rifle.

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