New Pyramyd Air Tune Service For Avenger PCP Air Rifles

As you will have read in HAM test reviews, Air Venturi Avenger air rifles are ideal subjects for tuning. So, now there’s a new Pyramyd Air Tune Service for HAM Gold Award-winning Avenger PCP air rifles. You can order it at the same time as you purchase the airgun.

This Pyramyd Air Tune Service is available for all versions of the Air Venturi Avenger. So that includes the original full-length gun, the version with wood stock and the newly-released bullpup version.

The Avenger is a ton of fun to tune. But not everyone wants to do this themselves. Either they don’t have the necessary Chronograph – don’t even think of tuning without one! – or they don’t have the time.

Alternatively, some people would simply prefer to have the tune undertaken professionally.

Whatever your reason, now you can have Pyramyd air tune your new Avenger prior to delivery…

Such is the versatility of the Avenger platform that Pyramyd Air is offering no less than three different tune profiles for the Avenger. You just need to select the one you want at checkout.

1. Eco Tune:

The Eco Tune delivers the most shots per fill, but less output power. This tune is perfect for those who do shorter range pest control or shooters looking to make the most of their air supply.

In this case you can expect to see performance numbers in the following range:
.177 cal: 16-18 FPE with 8-9 grain pellets

22 cal: 24-26 FPE with 14-16 grain pellets

25 cal: 38-42 FPE with 19-25 grain pellets

2. Pro Tune:

Pyramyd Air says that this is the perfect blend of efficiency and power, offering great performance for pest control and target shooting with a solid shot count. Average performance figures look like this…

.177 cal: 20-22 FPE with 10-11 grain pellets

22 cal: 30-32 FPE with 18-21 grain pellets

25 cal: 45-47 FPE with 25-31 grain pellets

3. High Power Tune:

Pyramyd Air recommends this for long range shooters, those interested in shooting slugs and hunters looking for the very most knockdown power. In this case, average performance figures look like this.

.177 cal: 22+ FPE with 10-14 grain pellets

22 cal: 33+ FPE with 21-26 grain pellets

25 cal: 48+ FPE with 33-40 grain pellets

Pyramyd notes that High Power tune numbers below are very conservative and represent a minimum output power you can expect from your airgun.

In all cases, the ammo used for the chronograph testing and accuracy testing may be vary based on ammo availability and performance. Bear in mind that – like all airguns – every Avenger is slightly different and has its own personality and performance.

As part of your Avenger Tune, Pyramyd Air technicians will:
– Tune your rifle based on the selected tune specs you specify
– List final tune settings on your test certificate
– Fire 20 shots through the chronograph
– Enclose the chronograph tape of fired shots.
– Confirm that the gun cocks and cycles reliably for all shots.
– Verify that the trigger functions reliably for all shots.
– Verify that the safety functions properly.
– Test the airgun’s accuracy from a distance of 25 yards. The 5-shot test group will be included.
– Ensure there are no audible or visible leaks.
– Include a signed and dated testing certificate for your records.

The company says that selecting the Pyramyd Air Tune Service may delay shipment by 24 hours (or one business day). But that sounds like a small penalty to have such a level of customization for your new air rifle!

The cost for the tune is $100.00. Given the amount of time, skill and experience involved, HAM feels that this is a great offer!

Air Venturi Avenger, Regulated PCP Air Rifle 0.177
Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup, Regulated PCP Air Rifle 0.177

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