New Webley Mk VI Replicas Now Available

Pyramyd Air has announced that they have new Webley Mk VI replicas available now.  These replicas of the famous .455 caliber British military pistol are available in “battlefield” finish and with three barrel lengths.

The 6-Inch length is the regular British military configuration. There are also 4-Inch “Police” and 2.5-Inch “Civilian” models also. All are pellet-firing pistols with the famous top break action.

HAM reviewed a BB-firing version of the Webley Mk VI back in 2017. We liked it a lot and undoubtedly our test review will also be largely applicable to these current models.

As expected, these Webley Mk VI replicas are CO2-powered, using a 12 Gram cartridge located in the pistol grip. Again as expected, the longer-barreled model has the highest muzzle velocity at up to a claimed 430 FPS. The Police version gives 400 FPS and the snubby Civilian model peaks at 380 FPS.

This airgun has a similar weight to the genuine firearm version, in addition to an almost-identical feel, because it utilizes full-metal construction. It was manufactured by using the original blueprints and is highlighted by the original 1915 markings, which are stamped into the body of the airgun.

These replicas evoke an antique mood because due to their weathered battlefield finish that makes it look as if it were carefully used and maintained.

Historical note. It’s possible that some US readers will not be fully familiar with the “British English” terminology used in the description of the Webley Mark VI replicas. So here’s a brief explanation…

“Mark” – often abbreviated to Mk – is the British equivalent of “Version” as commonly used for software products. “VI” is the Latin for six. So, “Mark VI” is  the British Army-speak for “Version 6”. Being in the British armed forces is known as “Service”. So, in this case “Service revolver” means the same as “Army revolver”. Finally. “Mk VI” is pronounced “Mark 6” – not “M K 6”. Simple, huh???

Webley MKVI CO2 Pellet Revolver, Battlefield Finish 0.177

Webley MKVI CO2 Pellet Revolver, Battlefield Finish, 4″ 0.177

Webley MKVI CO2 Pellet Revolver, Battlefield Finish, 2.5″ 0.177

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