New NxWerks Infinyx Bullpup PCP Air Rifle Announced

The new NxWerks Infinyx Bullpup PCP air rifle has just been announced by the Scandinavian-based multi-national company. NxWerks already produces a range of innovative CO2-powered pistols. Now they’ve delivered on their long-time intention of producing a PCP air rifle platform.

The NxWerks Infinyx Bullpup PCP air rifle is described by the company as a “mid-budget, high quality” model. They tell HAM that their idea is “to make it one of the most stylish and accurate bullpup PCPs” in the market today.

The retail price is expected to be approximately €990 in Europe – that’s equivalent to around $1,060 in the US. Calibers are to be .177, .22 and .25 cal.

As can be seen from the photographs, the Infinyx certainly has a stylish stock that’s manufactured from premium Turkish walnut. There’s a mid-mounted, sidelever cocking action, together with a manual safety and shrouded barrel.

Overall length is 31-Inches and the weight approximately 8.8 Lbs.

Of course, the Infinyx is regulated. The regulator can be set by the user to between 1,450 and 2,200 PSI. (The regulator gauge is in the underside of the stock and thus cannot be seen in these side-view photographs. The main HPA supply is a carbon fiber tank of 600 cc capacity and 3,000 PSI fill pressure.

There’s also a hammer spring tension adjuster at the rear of the mechanism for additional tuning capabilities.

NxWerks Infinyx Bullpup PCP air rifles are fitted with 18.9-Inch Lothar Walther barrels and the adjustable trigger is set for a pull weight of 2 Lbs 6 Oz.

The company tells HAM that the Infinyx will be available from August 2022. US distribution plans are being put in place right now…

NxWerks specifications for the Infinyx are listed below.

 .177 Caliber.22 Caliber.25 Caliber

Muzzle Energy13 Ft/Lbs30 Ft/Lbs43 Ft/Lbs

Muzzle Velocity820 – 840 FPS with 8.44 Grain pellets860 – 870 FPS with 18.13 Grain pellets860 – 880 FPS with 25.39 Grain pellets

Shots per Fill160140110

BarrelLothar Walther 12 grooveLothar Walther 12 grooveLothar Walther 6 groove

Magazine Capacity14 shots12 shots10 shots

NxWerks Precision Arms is an airgun company based in Northern Europe. Founded in 2016, the headquarters and R&D team is located at the headquarters in Finland. In addition, NXWerks has offices in Lithuania, Estonia and the UK.

You can discover more about NxWerks Precision Arms on the company’s website at

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