Rabbit Hunting Our Step by Step Guide

Rabbit Hunting Our Step by Step Guide – Only at Just Air Guns. If you want to get into rabbit hunting, there are a few things you should know before picking up your hunting rifle and heading out on a quest. You can hunt rabbits without a weapons licence if you use .177 or .22 Air Rifles with an impact power of less than 12lb per cubic foot and a.177 or.22 air rifle. For legal information about the animals and weapons that can be used in the UK, go to Gov.UK and/or basc.org.uk.


You’ll need to hunt some bunnies. This may entail obtaining permission from a landowner and, if necessary, bribing him with a portion of what you successfully catch.


In order to get to grips with your rifle, you’ll need to practise with a target to obtain a sense of where your airgun finds its centre. This can be done using a printed paper target and a target holder/pellet catcher. There’s no better way to acquire a feel for how your specific rifle and pellets function in your hands than to shoot a few practice shots like this.


You must be at least 50 feet (15.2 m) away from the centre of highways or public places to be legally compliant with your target practice. If you get any closer than that, you’re breaching the law in the United Kingdom. Place your target and holder at a distance of 30 metres or yards.


Get down on the floor and relax, making use of a bipod to steady your rifle. If you want to stand erect, that’s great, but don’t grip the rifle too tightly; instead, let it rest on your shoulder and support the weight with your forward hand. This is due to the fact that gripping your gun too tightly can damage your aim.


Aim at the target for five seconds, take a deep breath, and relax all muscles except those used to handle the gun. Stop for a few seconds while exhaling and holding your breath before squeezing the trigger. Before moving the gun away from the target, count to five.


Aim your gun at the rabbit as it emerges from the hole. Allow a minute for you to get a nice shooting angle. At this stage, you must remain completely still. Aim for the back of the head, between the ears, rather than the body, as this may cause unnecessary pain to the rabbit. If you’re firing from the front, the most effective approach to accomplish an instant kill is to shoot behind the eyes and beneath the ears.


Before firing, use the breathing in and out method stated previously to gradually adjust to your target. Ensure that the rabbit is at least two yards away from the nearest rabbit hole; else, the rabbit may vanish.


Once you’ve struck the target, grab the rabbit and hold it for five seconds. Fire once to the brain if there is any movement in the animal’s body. Make sure you don’t shoot yourself! Alternatively, you can hold the animal by its legs and strike it in the back of the neck with a rapid strike with a blunt weapon.


If your looking for more info on Rabbit Hunting, then take a look at https://basc.org.uk/airgunning/rabbit-shooting/


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In this video Mat Manning (theshootingshow) shows how to be productive when rabbit hunting.

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