SIG Emperor Scorpion BB Pistol

HAM readers first heard about the new 1911 SIG Emperor Scorpion BB Pistol back in October. Now the new gun is actually here and HAM can bring you an exclusive first close look…

This is the best air pistol that SIG has produced so far!

Of course, HAM Tester Doug Wall will be examining the performance in detail very soon. We hope to publish a full, comprehensive HAM test review in January 2022. But at this stage, it certainly looks as if SIG has done everything right!

At a Street Price of $109.99, the SIG Emperor Scorpion BB Pistol is a cool $1,040.00 cheaper than the .45 caliber version. Not only that, but you can shoot it in a whole lot more places 🙂

The gun is supplied with an excellent instruction leaflet, “starter bag” of BBs and hex key for loading the 12 Gram CO2 cartridges.

This new model has a full – really full – blowback. The slide retracts completely, in a way that’s matches that of the 1911 “We The People” BB gun and far more realistic than that of some previous SIG 1911 BB guns.

Overall, the whole gun looks – and feels – sharp, crisp and exceedingly-well constructed. The Hogue-style grip is particularly well executed and contributes to a real feeling of realism about the gun.

There’s a functioning grip safety, together with an ambidextrous safety lever. The drop-free magazine is released from the left side.

And, talking of the magazine, there’s some great news here. The magazine has a simple, effective BB hold-open locking system that will stop the pain and broken finger nails that are associated with loading some BB guns.

The BB follower simply wedges down below the BB loading port for loading. That’s an ideal solution, yet – amazingly – a lot of BB guns don’t have anything like this!

Incidentally, the SIG literature claims that the magazine holds 17 BBs. However I was able to load 18 Crosman Copperhead BBs with no problem.

And here’s another improvement! The painful legal lettering and caliber markings that disfigure so many BB-firing replica air guns have been moved to an inconspicuous place under the frame. Kudos to the SIG Legal team for agreeing to that improvement!

Not only that, but the 1911 SIG Emperor Scorpion BB Pistol also field strips pretty-much just like a 1911 firearm.



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