Starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

It’s starting to Feel a Lot Like Christmas at Just Air Guns! Stocking Fillers for This Christmas.

It’s that time of the year again, Christmas is upon us and no doubt if you’re reading this blog, you’re somewhat stuck for gift ideas for a loved one. Thankfully, if you are here, it means your loved one is an avid airguns enthusiast, so your choice of gifts is at least narrowed down somewhat.

Now you could splurge out and get your loved one a whole new air gun, but we also appreciate that money is tighter this year than it has ever been with the effects of COVID. Therefore, we thought we’d look at a range of smaller gifts – essentially stocking fillers that will no doubt leave your loved one incredibly happy come Christmas Day.

On top of that, should you find something on our website that is cheaper elsewhere, we will match that price. Simply contact us directly or select the price match tab on the product page you want us to match. The rest is easy, and you’ll get the great customer service we offer along with your new product at a price that will not be beaten!

If you’re still struggling for ideas though, after reading this blog, you could also pick up one of our gift cards. This will allow your partner, child, friend or just about anyone else you’re buying a gift for to pick up something they want without running the risk of picking up something they don’t want. So if you want to grab one of our gift cards, simply click here.


To kick us off, we have the updated 2021 version of Walther’s Range Bag. We’d be lying if we said you might need a bigger stocking to fit this in, but it’s a brilliant piece of equipment for those air gunners who spend a lot of time at the range.

This is the ultimate range bag from Walther; it has enough space for three mid-size or two large pistols as well as lots of ammunition, accessories or other useful equipment. The bag contains four small compartments, and the side clamps can hold up to 8 magazines. There is also an inner bag that can be removed, and the zipped compartments can be locked with padlocks (1 x lock included).


Made from high-quality nylon
With Walther login embroidered on top
Two zipped pockets on the side
One large side zipped pocket with eight mag pouches
One medium side zipper pocket on one end
One small side zipper pocket with one open pouch on one end
Two padded internal pockets for pistols
One lift-out bag with two large zipped pockets
Two dividers in the centre to create three separate areas
One matching ammo bag
Removable shoulder strap
One combination padlock


Moving from the idea of range dwellers to those who feel a little more comfortable shooting at home, the Magnetic Duck Target Box Pellet Catcher is our next stocking filler idea. Not only is it great for those who want to plink at a target in the garden, but it also stops you from constantly finding pellets all over the garden – win, win in our opinion!

Made by Umarex, the Magnetic Duck Target Box Pellet Catcher comes complete with five targets in… well, you guessed it, the form of ducks! When you hit one of the five ducks, they’re pushed back and held in place by magnets. Then, once you’ve hit all of the ducks, simply shoot at the centre target to return the ducks to their original position.

It might not be the most glamorous of gifts, but it is certainly functional, offering a bit more of a challenge than shooting at a traditional target as well as reducing clean up after a day’s worth of shooting in the garden!


On the subject of presents that benefit both giver and recipient, our next gift is this brilliant Gun Rack System. Go on, you can admit it, having airguns laying around the house can get a little annoying after a while, and there are plenty of staff members at Just Airguns who are constantly told off by their significant others for this exact reason.

This 35cm gun rack system can hold 3-4 of your air rifles and tactical air guns. It has adjustable pegs that you can move to give each gun the space required and stop your guns from falling over. The gun rack has tough polymer sides and aluminium poles so while it is strong is also lightweight.


Material is polymer and aluminium
Modular design allows the rack to fit a variety of lengths and thicknesses of guns
Ideal for storing rifles, shotguns and tactical guns
Hinged arm helps keep a gun in place


So we’ve looked at a bunch of different accessories at this point, but nothing specifically designed to sit on an airgun. Now, say you have gone out and picked up a new airgun for someone this Christmas, or you simply want to give someone’s ‘old faithful’ a new lease of life… well, pick them up a new scope!

This 3-9×40 Pro Rifle Scope from Trimex will no doubt be adored by whoever you buy it for, offering a brilliant quality scope for a very, very reasonable price. While we can’t promise it’ll make whoever you’re buying it for a sharpshooter of the highest degree, we can promise it will at least help! Made from a high-quality metal that has been finished with a matt black hard anodised finish, it will also stand the test of time.

Furthermore, it has the ability to change the reticule from red to green, has a brightness selector and comes with a cleaning cloth, batteries and 11mm mounts so you don’t have to pick anything else up alongside it!


Our final offering for this blog is something we’ve spoken about in-depth in the past – a gun case! When it comes to transporting airguns, the most secure option to do so is through the use of a hard case. Hard cases come in many shapes and sizes and are made from various materials, with the main components being either a hard plastic composite or aluminium. Both options offer your airguns brilliant protection, but furthermore, they offer you security, which is a must when transporting airguns – and will do you a world of favours if the authorities unsuspectingly stop you.

One of our personal favourites, and biggest sellers, is the SRC P49. With enough space to fit either a medium-size airgun or several handguns, the SRC P49 is made from a solid ABS construction featuring a reinforced handle as well as two quality clips to ensure the case stays closed. For extra security, it also includes two security holes to lock the case.

In our honest opinion, you will not find a case better than this, especially not at its very reasonable price. Furthermore, it comes with a complete manufacturers warranty should it break at any point!

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