Take A First Look At The Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup PCP

HAM readers first saw advanced details of the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup PCP air rifle back in November. Now it’s being formally-launched and is due to ship very soon. Pyramyd Air is already taking advanced orders…

There will be a full, comprehensive review of the new Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup PCP air rifle in HAM very soon. Today, let’s take an overview and investigate some of the ways it can be accessorized.

The Avenger Bullpup combines the price-busting features of the original, full-length Avenger into a more compact package. So, the Avenger’s tunability continues unchanged. In HAM’s thorough investigation of the original Avenger, we found it possible to tune for fill pressures from the maximum 4,350 PSI right down to 2,000 PSI.

But if you don’t have a chronograph, or simply would prefer someone else to make the tune for you, Pyramyd Air will be launching a new PCP Tune Service for all Avengers. This Tune Service will provide a 25-Yard test target, together with a listing of final tune settings and a chronograph tape of 20 shots fired through your gun. And more…

Here at HAM, we’ve been shooting the Avenger Bullpup and configuring it to our tastes. First thing was to attach a sling. A sling is so useful both for carrying the rifle and for providing stability during shooting. I learned to shoot on Lee Enfield battle rifles and we always used a sling to assist accuracy. So I still like to shoot with one wherever possible.

So I attached a “Chicom” web sling to the Avenger Bullpup using a set of Uncle Mike’s sling swivels. The swivels fitted nicely into the holes provided in the Avenger’s stock. The sling was ideal!

Next for a riflescope…

For a suitably-sized, appropriately-priced scope, we chose an UTG OP3 4-16×44 Mini-SWAT scope from our friends at Leapers. However – as HAM Tester Doug Rogers and I are both somewhat long-necked – a little additional height was required to obtain an ideal scope position.

The answer to this was an UTG Universal Super Slim Riser Mount. These Picatinny risers are available in multiple heights. The half-Inch model was ideal for us. It provided a comfortable eyeline when shooting the Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup PCP air rifle using the medium-height rings bundled with the scope.

Naturally, many shooters will choose to shoot their Avenger Bullpup from a bipod. The stock is provided with a short Picatinny rail right at the front for just this eventuality. So we installed a TBNR Bipod from Leapers. Again this proved to be an ideal combination!

So far, we’ve only found two disadvantages. Hey, we have to find something!!!

The Avenger Bullpup is not ideal for left-handers, as Doug Rogers will tell you. The placement of the cocking lever made it uncomfortable for him to shoot, however he adjusted the cheek weld. But he DID shoot it left-handed, so it is possible for Southpaws to use…

And here’s another little thing. The Avenger Bullpup has built-in storage for two extra magazines. This is located in the underside of the stock. But our test gun is in .25 cal. and the magazines would not fit. This storage works just fine with the narrower .177 and .22 caliber magazines though.

Overall, we’ve been impressed with the Avenger Bullpup. It’s clearly placed to be another success for Air Venturi and the availability of a professional tune service will attract yet more customers. We’ll bring you full details in the HAM test review shortly.

Air Venturi Avenger Bullpup, Regulated PCP Air Rifle 0.177

UTG 4-16×44 AO OP3 Compact Scope UMOA Reticle 1/4 MOA 30mm, MaxStrength Picatinny/Weaver Rings

UTG Super Slim Picatinny Riser Mount, .5 Height, 13 Slots

UTG PRO TBNR Bipod, 7-9 Center Height, Picatinny

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