Take A Look At This New Daystate Video From AoA

The latest from Airguns of Arizona is this new Daystate video. In it, Jared Clark provides a summary of the whole Daystate PCP airgun range.

You’ll find coverage of the latest model in the long-running Huntsman range – the Revere. That’s followed by the all-mechanical Wolverine R.

The “electronic” models – Red Wolf and Delta Wolf” are covered in the latter part of Jared’s coverage.

After looking at this new Daystate video, you can check out the full HAM independent test reviews for additional details.

The Huntsman Revere is covered here. This link takes you to the Wolverine. In addition, HAM is currently undertaking an extended review of the Delta Wolf. Given the revolutionary nature of this air rifle, it’s being covered in multiple parts.

While there’s no full HAM review of the Red Wolf, we do have great feedback from notable owners of this air rifle in this story.

All Daystate air rifles are manufactured in the United Kingdom – England to be specific. They incorporate German Lothar Walther barrels and the current range all has sidelever cocking actions that are easily configurable for left-handed operation.

The Huntsman Revere is unusual in that it’s also available with a dedicated left-handed stock. There’s regulated and unregulated too.

The Wolverine is available in regular and high power versions. Maximum power up to 100 Ft/Lbs in the unregulated .30 caliber model. There’s a choice of wood for the ambidextrous stocks, too.

The Red Wolf is available with a choice of stocks too, along with regular and high power output levels. Together with the Delta Wolf, this model incorporates Daystate’s unique electronically-controlled firing cycle. Power levels go up to 85 Ft/Lbs in the .30 caliber model.

There’s no doubt that the Delta Wolf’s electronic controls show the future of high-end airguns. It offers the potential for almost unlimited tune settings, as we’re finding out in the multi-part HAM review currently in progress…

If you like this new Daystate video, the guns are available from Airguns of Arizona, of course.

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