Umarex 550 Grain Solid Lead Ammo

When HAM reviewed the Umarex Hammer in October 2021, we were not able to test it with Umarex 550 Grain Solid lead Ammo (SLA). However, supplies of these huge lumps of lead have now arrived at the HAM offices. We’ll be taking the Hammer back into the field to shoot it again!

When testing the Hammer, the HAM Team had access to 320 Grain SLA. This gave a huge Muzzle Energy of over 560 Ft/Lbs. But that was still well below the manufacturer’s claim of 700 Ft/Lbs.

Of course this was not surprising since PCP airguns – big bore or not – almost always give higher Muzzle Energy with heavier ammo (or bullets). You can see the difference between the Umarex 550 Grain Solid Lead Ammo and the 320 Grain bullets in the photograph below. That 550 Grain bullet is more than 1 Inch long. Wow!

HAM plans to take the Hammer back onto the range soon and shoot it with the 550 Grain ammo. That should give a healthy increase in the Hammer’s Muzzle Energy!

These 550 Grain SLA bullets are currently available from stock. They’re packed in cartons of 20 rounds.

Each bullet is protected from transit damage by high density foam packaging. This is comprised of upper and lower sections. That’s a top section lying against the carton in our photograph below.

Unlike the 320 Grain bullets, this 550 Grain SLA is flat-pointed. It also has a “banded” design that reduces friction losses in the barrel.

Although described as .50 caliber, these bullets are actually .510 in diameter – they’re intended for use in the Umarex Hammer for maximum impact downrange.

Let’s take another, close up, look at this massive slug. Ouch!!!

Umarex SLA – Solid Lead Ammo – .510/.50 cal, 550 grain (20ct.) 0.50
Umarex 550 Grain .510 Cal SLA

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