Umarex Airguns Introduces AirJavelin Pro Arrow Gun

In 2020, Umarex launched the AirJavelin CO2-powered arrow rifle. Now they’ve announced the AirJavelin Pro. This is a PCP version of the AirJavelin regulated at 1,500 psi and delivering up to 25 arrows on target at 370 FPS.

When we first tested the Gold Award-winning AirJavelin, the HAM Team’s immediate reaction was “This is great. How can we make it into a PCP?” Now Umarex has done exactly this while retaining the same overall size and weight.

Using HPA instead of CO2, the AirJavelin Pro’s performance moves to an entirely new level. Its 7.4 cubic inch onboard air tank holds air compressed to 4,500 psi. It’s regulated to 1,500 PSI, providing about 25 effective shots, Umarex USA tells us.

Combined with a 170-grain arrow, this regulator allows the AirJavelin Pro to generate 52 Ft/Lbs of Muzzle energy. This combination of performance and energy works for hunting game such as javelina, turkey as well as deer at close range with a broadhead that has ample cutting surface.

Here’s a comparison of the HPA- and CO2-powered AirJavelins…

 AirJavelin ProAirJavelin

Power SourceHigh Pressure Air (HPA)88 Gram CO2 bottle

Max. Muzzle Energy52 Ft/Lbs34 Ft/Lbs

FPS With 170 Grain Arrows370 FPS300 FPS

Consistent FPSYes (until reg pressure reached)No. Varies with temperature and shots taken


Compared to the all-black finish of the original AirJavelin, the new model features a great-looking FDE and dark gray color combination. There’s also an integrated Picatinny rail and M-LOK slots. These features allow the attachment of an optic of your choosing, a quiver, or even a side-mounted bi-pod setup.

The polymer collapsible butt stock allows for comfortable adjustments and has an integrated sling slot.

AirJavelin Pro Specifications:

– 370 FPS / 52 Ft/Lbs using 170 grain arrows
– 7.4 cu. in. / 121.3 cc capacity air tank
– Maximum fill capacity of 4,500 psi
– 1,500 psi regulator
– 25 effective, ethical shots on a full single fill
– Integrated Picatinny rail and M-LOK slots
– Ambidextrous bolt design
– 6.25 Lb. single stage trigger
– Lightweight, modern polymer stock
– Redesigned collapsible stock with integrated sling slot
– MSRP $319.99

Learn more about the AirJavelin Pro at

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