Umarex HPA Adapter for AirJavelin Upgrade For CO2-Powered Models

Recently Umarex USA introduced a new “Pro” version of the AirJavelin arrow gun. This is powered by HPA. Now Umarex has announced an AirJavelin HPA upgrade for for owners of the original – and still current – CO2-powered model.

When HAM reviewed the original, CO2-powered, Gold Award-winning AirJavelin we couldn’t help discussing what would be required to convert it to HPA operation. Well, now Umarex has provided the answer!

The “Umarex HPA Adapter for AirJavelin” is a kit that enables any CO2-powered AirJavelin to be upgraded to HPA operation. It comprises three parts, as we can see below. Oh, you’re also going to need a regulated HPA bottle, too. That’s an additional item.

In use, the “block” is located on the AirJavelin’s forearm rails and screwed into place using the threaded probe. Add a drop of silicone oil to the O rings before assembling. Like this…

In fact, the forend can be completely removed as the regulated HPA bottle will not fit inside it. Our heading photograph – above – shows the completed installation.

Then the regulated HPA bottle screws into place. Like this…

(Again, don’t forget to add a small drop of silicone oil to the seal of the HPA bottle before assembling).

It’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to know that there is a very specific type of HPA bottle that must be used for this AirJavelin HPA upgrade. It must have a regulated output. Also that output must be no greater than 1,100 PSI pressure. Sure it can be filled to 3,000 PSI but no higher pressure than 1,100 PSI can enter the gun!

For this review, we used an Umarex 1,100 PSI regulated HPA bottle “borrowed” from a .177 caliber first Generation Umarex Gauntlet. Alternatively the bottle from a “Gen 1” Gauntlet in .22 caliber will work too. Another option is a 1,100 regulated tank from Air Venturi (link below).

Note that similar-looking but higher output pressure regulated bottles such as those for the .25 caliber Gen 1, or any caliber Gen 2 Gauntlet CANNOT BE USED as they have a higher output pressure. Installing one of these could cause a disastrous failure of the AirJavelin, with potentially fatal results. Don’t even think of trying it!

We saw earlier that the Umarex HPA Adapter for AirJavelin also includes a spring. This a replacement hammer spring that will provide better power output than the existing hammer spring when using HPA power.

To change the hammer spring, it’s necessary to remove the buttstock.

First remove the two rubber plugs on the right side at the rear of the AirJavelin’s receiver.

This will reveal Phillips-headed screws. Remove them and the stock separated from the rest of the AirJavelin.

Now we see two springs. The lower one is the hammer spring. But before you remove it, make sure that you keep it separate from the original. They’re actually very similar in size and it would be sad to re-install the original spring by mistake!

Having installed the new hammer spring, it’s easy to re-locate the buttstock and re-install the screws and plugs. Or at least it should be, unless you accidentally push out a nut and plug in the opposite side of the receiver as I did. Oops…

Fortunately the answer is very easy. Just locate the nut correctly and restrain it in place when screwing from the opposite side.

That’s it!

Now Umarex will probably not like me for saying this, but it will be clear to many enthusiastic airgun tinkerers – like me – that this upgrade gives a clue to how the AirSaber could be tuned for increased power. The careful addition of a thin shim or two behind the hammer spring would increase the hammer strike when fired – and possibly also the power too.

Now I’ve not tried shimming the AirSaber myself, so I can’t promise that it would work. But enquiring minds may be interested to find out – at their own risk!

As of this writing, I can only find the Umarex HPA Adapter for AirJavelin available on the Umarex USA site. It’s $59.99. I don’t see any spare 1,100 PSI regulated HPA bottles there, but Pyramyd Air has them available for $79.99.

Umarex HPA Adapter for AirJavelin
AV 3000PSI 13ci Tank & valve 1100psi set

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